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Kronaby launches fresh 2.0 app update and Kronaby Labs, to coincide with new SKU release.

Kronaby are excited to announce the release of their new and improved IOS and Android app. The new update has been designed with one thing in mind – The user.
The polished new interface will now display each watch with a unique colour depending on the model, to create an even more unique experience for the user. The display will now also show the complete watch including wrist strap. All these visual changes have been made without losing the signature Scandinavian aesthetic of the Kronaby brand.

Not only has the visual look of the app been updated, but a range of software improvements have taken place to make the app run smoothly and provide even more features including:
• Better Bluetooth connection with app update.
• Added Stop Watch by user request.
• Added Find Phone any time the user holds down the crown for 3 seconds.
• Added possibility to have more important apps on IOS.
• Updated the watch Firmware to add features and solve bugs.
• Made onboarding and reconnecting a little smoother. Added updated tips and trick in the app.
• IFTTT as notifications
• Added Lost Watch.
• Added Home Time Zone to automatically switch to second time when traveling.

*The new app update will be released April 4th, 2018*

Kronaby Labs

Alongside the new app, Kronaby have developed a light testing program called “Kronaby Labs”. Avid fans of the brand will be able to sign up and test exclusive features before they are released.

New handy features will be released regularly for customer evaluation. Expect us to try and add even more value around helping our users stay Connected. Not distracted. Also, experiments like habit trackers and more quirky features like a dice will be made available. Possibilities are endless, with plans to bring in IOT integration and further exciting features in the coming year.

With a uniquely identifiable plum skin, the user will be able to differentiate between the regular features and Labs. Kronaby labs is a creative space where our developers can let their imagination run wild, inevitably ending up with some exciting creations straight from the heart of Kronaby.

The main goal for labs is to create a platform to experiment with features which may not be ready for the public. The Kronaby enthusiasts will have a direct channel to the designers to give feedback, this is where we will be able to gather vital feedback from our most valuable customers. Expect much more from Labs!

*Kronaby Labs will only be released in English and not translated*


Configured with motion, durability and legibility in mind, Kronaby’s APEX takes it one step further. We’ve taken design cues from classic sports car’s speedometers and naval gauges, adding SuperLumiNova™ hands and dial numbers for excellent readability even in the most demanding conditions.

Case sizes – 43mm now with duel sub dials. Comes in 7 different variants with 20mm & 22mm bracelets in stainless steel or leather.


Like a precisely polished gem, Kronaby’s CARAT displays as many facets as life. The convenient timepiece expresses Scandinavian refinement and elegance and is made of carefully selected premium materials and finishes that we have chosen to match an effortless sense of style.

Case size 38mm, comes in 9 different variants with 18mm bracelets in stainless steel, solid links/mesh or leather.



A homage to the art of traditional watchmaking, Kronaby’s SEKEL epitomizes the age-old qualities of genuine craftsmanship and analogue precision. Crafted using only the finest materials, its classic lines give it a distinct Scandinavian flavour that will stand the test of time.

Case size – 38mm, 41mm and 43mm with sub dials. Comes in 22 different variants with 18mm, 20mm and 22mm bracelets in stainless steel or leather.



Pared down to the bare minimum, Kronaby’s NORD is a refined manifestation of purity and proportion – and a nod to our Nordic heritage. This modern-day classic is Scandinavian simplicity in its purest form. By no means a wallflower, its flawless detailing includes a matte finish dial, a stainless-steel case and a double domed, antireflective sapphire crystal.

Case sizes – 38mm & 41mm. Comes in 6 different variants with 18mm & 20mm bracelets in stainless steel, solid links/mesh or leather.



Auto Time Zone – Always on time

No matter how many time zones the watch cross, it automatically displays the local time accurately.

Silent Alarm – A gentle wake-up call

By switching on the silent alarm, the watch’s soundless vibrations will only wake the user, letting those around carry on snoozing.

Filtered Notifications – Never miss what matters

There is a fine line between staying connected and being distracted. That is why Kronaby lets users choose to be notified only by the people they care most about.

Battery life – Never Charge

With a standard battery that lasts up to two-years (depending on use), users will never again have to put their life on hold while searching for an outlet to recharge.

Get Moving – Take a stand

Get up and get moving – there is increasing evidence that we need to spend less time sitting to maintain a healthy physique. Kronaby can send a gentle reminder when the user has been inactive for too long.

Reject Call – Decline with a tap

In our connected world, prioritizing incoming phone calls is an inevitable modern-day nuisance. Kronaby just made it a little less of a hassle through a swift press on the crown to decline.

Lost watch

Can’t find your watch? Open your Kronaby app to see where the watch was last connected, easy as that!


Second Time – In sync with the world

Kronaby keeps users continuously connected with the outside world by letting them select an additional time zone to be displayed on the watch face.

Date – Stay up-to-date

Knowing the current date is a fundamental piece of information that is readily available through the push of a button. *Now with the new duel sub dial (APEX only), the watch will be able to display the day simultaneously.

Daily Hundred – Every step counts

Statistics show that activity is key for a healthier life. Kronaby users can set a step goal and track progress daily.

Timer – Keeping count

Proper time management is hard to achieve without the right tools. A timer allows users to box chores and find their focus.

Stop watch – Record time

Whether you are working out at the gym or cooking dinner, a stopwatch is always a useful tool to have at your disposal.


Camera Remote – Picture perfect

The built-in camera remote lets users switch places, from always being the person behind the camera to sharing the moment with friends in front of it.

Remember This Spot – You were here

Part of living is trying new things and experiencing unfamiliar places. To make sure to find the way back, users can press the Geo Tag button.

Find Phone – Never lost again

Busy days make us all forget and misplace things. The clever pusher trigger on the watch reveals the phone’s whereabouts.

From now on this highly useful Find Phone-feature will be pre-installed on all Kronaby watches. Can’t find your phone? Press and hold the crown button on your Kronaby watch and your phone will start ringing to let you know where it can be found.

Walk Me Home – Feel safe 24/7

Being free to move around safely should be everyone’s prerogative. The push of a button sends a signal to a loved one, letting them respond and follow the user every step. It’s like having someone walk you home, but from a distance.

Music Control – Immediate tunes

Kronaby give users instant access to their favourite music, whenever and wherever they want by Press Play. In addition to standard playback controls, now you can also adjust the volume to make sure it fits your soundtrack of the day.
Find out how in Music Control in Pushers.

IFTTT x Kronaby – Simplify your life by automating your digital tasks

Use your Kronaby as a trigger and brew a cup of coffee, switch on your lights or open the garage door. On IFTTT you can browse through hundreds of services and create your own personalised Kronaby Applet. Learn more on

New carefully selected features will be released regularly. Features that stands the test of allowing the user to stay connected but not distracted, making the watch experience relevant for people again.

About Kronaby

Kronaby is a contemporary connected watch brand from Sweden. By combining world leading engineering with state-of-the-art Scandinavian design and Swiss watchmaking tradition, resulted in a new generation of watches. The collection consists of four classic models, Apex, Sekel, Nord and Carat with different variants available, each with its own characteristics and purposely designed to fulfill the users’ objectives for many years. Kronaby is available for purchase via and in selected stores throughout Europe, US, Canada and Japan.

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